Creative Guerilla Marketing Features Ami Sanyal Campaign

I’m thrilled to have a project featured on!

Creative Guerrilla Marketing is a website dedicated to showcasing marketing campaigns from around the globe. The sites founder, Ryan Lum, highlights campaigns that stir the pot—the ones that people can’t help talking about. It’s interesting stuff and I’ve followed along keenly for the last few years.

A Little Background

As a photographer in the advertising world, I’ve always been fascinated by guerrilla marketing and how it can connect people to ideas in a completely fresh way. So when an opportunity arose to direct my own campaign for a Vancouver-based organization—I jumped at the chance.


Read All About The Campaign

What an awesome experience! I mean, it’s not everyday that I get to scatter dead bodies all over downtown Vancouver! As a first attempt at guerilla marketing, I was really pleased with the results of the campaign—but I did learn a lot for next time! Want to know more?

  1. You can read all the details (plus behind-the-scenes video, photos and results) at
  2. See the bottom of the post for my 3 Suggestions For Brand-New Guerilla Marketers.
  3. Love it? Hate it? Let me know what you think about the campaign in comment section below!

More soon!

PS. A big thanks to Ryan for making Creative Guerilla Marketing such a great source of inspiration. Follow him on twitter!

PPS. Which blogs inspire you?

PPPS. Since Creative Guerilla Marketing’s post, this campaign has also been featured on a number of international marketing websites! I don’t speak Polish or French, so I hope they’re saying good things!

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