How to Use Evernote to Organize Inspiration (and Produce Better Creative Work)

I use Evernote for everything from brainstorming new ideas to storing manuals. But—as a creative—my favourite Evernote use is organizing inspirational media.

Perks of an Evernote Inspiration Notebook

  • Filing inspiration (as I find it) gives me a custom library to browse as I plan relevant projects. Adding text annotations to my notes makes specific items easy to find as my library grows.
    End result: I spend less time looking for stuff I’ve already seen and more time actually creating.
  • Evernote allows me to view and edit notes from all my devices. When I’m on a shoot I often pull up a note to show my crew exactly what I’m after.
    End result: I can communicate more effectively with my team and produce better work, faster.


How to Catalog Inspiration in Evernote

Step One

Register with Evernote (it’s free), then download the application to every device you own. It works on Mac, Windows, most mobile devices and web browsers.


Step Two

Create Notebooks. Start by simply creating a Notebook called “Inspiration.”


Step Three (The Fun Part)

Create notes by topic. My photo-related notes include “Advertising Inspiration” and “Editorial Inspiration.” I also like to keep notes on other sources of inspiration: “Home Decor Inspiration,” “Web Design Inspiration,” and “Business Card Inspiration” to name a few. There are no rules here—so go ahead and add a new note even if there is only one item in it.



As you explore Evernote (and the myriad of Evernote-friendly applications) you’ll discover many uses for this flexible little platform. But if your goal is to improve your creative work; I recommend starting by utilizing this technique for sorting inspiration.


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