Setting Up Shop In Shanghai – Our First Three Days in Photos

My wife and I have spent the last 72 hours in Shanghai and have begun the process of setting up my Asian base of operations. Lots more to share—but not enough time (we’re apartment hunting)—so I thought I’d start by sharing a few images from our first days in the Middle Kingdom.

Jingan Temple

My first glimpse of Jing’An Temple. Taken during the taxi ride from the airport.

Shanghai Street

The sun cuts through the haze for a moment before sunset.

This city is swarming with scooters, bikes and mopeds

Sampling some Chinese beer.

I visited the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center after hearing about it in the advertising documentary, “Sunshine” (worth a watch). This is one of my favourite pieces from the center.

A street vendor.

Tai chi in the park is pretty entertaining. There are several groups practicing in the same area—each playing their own music. End result: this meditative practice turns into a battle for the loudest boombox.

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PS. I’m quickly learning that taking a taxi in Shanghai is like being in a car chase with Jason Bourne.

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