How To Build A Portfolio That Your Clients Will Love

A simple method for building an outstanding portfolio is to collaborate with people who are better than you at what they do. Sure, working with those at your own level (or below) is easy, but it puts a ceiling on the quality of your images.

It can be intimidating collaborating with expert stylists, wizard-like assistants, and top models—but the benefits far out-way the consequences:

  1. You will be motivated to get better at your craft, fast,
  2. You will be able to rely on your crew’s capabilities without micromanagement,
  3. And, most importantly, there’s no telling what kind of amazing work you will produce.

 Ogilvy used this method to become one of the most renowned ad men in history. He neglected to mention that “surrounding yourself with partners who are better than you are” is also needed to gain a reputation for creative genius.


How To Work With A Top Model

If you want to know what it’s like to work with a top agency model, check out this short interview with Sarah DeAnna (of Vogue and Elle fame).

Sarah shares what her favourite photographers do bring out great poses and emotions. She also discusses how budding photographers should go about testing models while maintaining professionalism.

If you like this video, delve into Melissa Rodwell’s Fashion Photography Blog for more interviews and useful resources.

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