9 Links On Successful Storytelling For Creative Entrepreneurs – Are You Doing It Right?

Good storytelling is as important for professional creatives as it is for novelists—that’s because humans interpret the world via stories. If we can tell stories that are carefully crafted and incredibly sharable, we help prospective clients relate to our work the way we want them to.

Today’s links cover:

  • Why creative entrepreneurs should tell stories,
  • Which plots to focus on to build a successful business,
  • The risks of being so open,
  • And an invaluable guide on how to regularly produce quality content.


The Jedi Master Approach to Content Marketing That Converts

Brian Clark shares how to guide clients on a compelling journey—with a little help from George Lucas. When building the narrative for your creative business, remember that “your prospect is Luke. You are Obi Wan.”


The Real Genuine Stories Are About 1+1=3

Ken Burns believes that people “coalesce around stories that seem transcendent.” I loved his example about Thomas Jefferson’s hypocrisy!


How To Get More Fans (and Why That’s a Horrible Idea)

People love stories that are transcendent—but we run away from sleazy sales pitches. Share the strongest values that you stand for (and how you aim to impact them); then watch as people band around you. Stories and initiative are your tools for building a valuable community.


You will be judged (or you will be ignored)

Seth Godin on the dark side of sharing your story—and what happens if you don’t.


Smart people don’t think others are stupid

When someone negatively judges what you’re laying down (and they will) react the smart way.


Find (don’t make up) stories that connect with prospects and help grow your business

Popular Writers: A Stephen King interview

Here’s Stephen King’s interview with Neil Gaiman. King is a master storyteller—I particularly loved how he said ”I never think of stories as made things; I think of them as found things.” I’ve put “On Writing” on my Must Read List (the countless rave reviews convinced me).


Why You Need To Ditch Your Portfolio and What To Do Instead 

Portfolios are great at showing off your technical prowess. The thing is, there will always be someone out there with better technical skills. The unique, magnetic elements of your business aren’t in your portfolio. Those lie in your words.


A Simple Plan for Writing One Powerful Piece of Online Content Per Week

So you understand that stories are important—here’s how to consistently get the best ones out of your head and into the world. I adopted this approach very recently and can tell you firsthand that it’s very effective if you want to make writing meaningful and manageable!



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Here’s to making life an ever enthralling story,


PS. I’m excited to improve the stories I share here on this blog. For instance, my post on working with Polygon Homes should have been about making photos that clients love with little time and uncertain locations. So much more interesting for prospects, and useful information for other photographers. Live and learn!

What new story will you tell to connect with prospects? Share it in the comments section below.

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