How To Get Your Images Featured In Vogue – Ask The Editors


My friend Martin Prihoda has been a huge inspiration in my career as a photographer. He has spent the last three years conquering Bombay and has had work featured in GQ, Vogue and major advertising campaigns. His leap to Asia was a significant motivation for my recent move to Shanghai.


Martin’s first cover with GQ India. How can you get your work on the cover of a major magazine?


Calling All Fashion Photographers

Martin is going to film a discussion with Vogue India’s editorial team—and he wants to make it useful to information-thirsty photographers.

You can decide what they cover in the interview: share your burning photo-related questions for Vogue’s staff via the comment section of his blog.  

A snapshot of Martin taken during his lighting workshop in 2009


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PS. You can also check out Martin’s past interview with Vogue’s Photo Editor plus a talk with Vogue’s Art Director.



Update: The interview has now been filmed, so comments on Martin’s blog will now be put to use for future interviews.

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  • Jessica Armstrong

    I’d love to have this talk emailed to me and hear the results of the interview. I subscribed, so how should I get a hold of it? Thank you

    • Ami Sanyal

      Jessica, thanks for getting in touch!

      I’ll get in touch with Martin to see if the finished video is available—keep you posted