Never Forget A Location Again: How To Catalogue Photo Shoot Locations Effectively

Blogger David Hobby recently shared an insightful post on how to make a location catalog — a great practice for on-location photographers since having a database can free up a lot of time and energy when planning a shoot.

I thought I’d build on Mr. Hobby’s post by sharing how I use Evernote to do the job. (Note: I don’t work for Evernote or represent them in any way.) My personal research and testing leads me to believe that this is the most effective method available for any photographer with a GPS-enabled phone or tablet.

Continued as a guest post on Black Star Rising.

This forgettable spot could make a great location for a full body portrait. What scene would you photograph here?


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  • Morgan

    Excellent advice. I aluatlcy prefer a competing product called Springpad but everyone else on the planet seems to prefer Evernote. Here’s how I use it:Information on topics that I am researching or that I have an interest in.Ideas for work, family, life.Links to booksInteresting quotesGoalsThoughts I want to exploreTake notes during meetingsBlog notesWhile these products allow you to store pictures I don’t usually use it for that reason I use Picassa for that purpose. What I find extremely helpful is that I can use this when I travel so I can save information when I get it.

    • Ami Sanyal

      I’m glad you like the post, Morgan! I’ve never used Springpad but it looks interesting (more aesthetically pleasing)!