The Portfolio Mistake That Makes You Look Like An Amateur

KBS+ is looking for a photographer for an upcoming BMW campaign. The agency lands on two photographers’ websites, both have great images.

  • Photographer A’s portfolio features photos of burlesque dancers, cars, pets and newborns. The web design and copy lacks direction.
  • Photographer B’s portfolio features only automotive work. The web design and copy supports the images.

Which photographer is more likely to get the job? 

Wide Nets vs Passionate Specialization

The story above is hypothetical—but the lesson is real and applies to every creative field. It’s tempting for artists to cast ultra-wide nets to show diversity. This common mistake repels clients who are in search of specialists, regardless of the work’s quality.

To be recognized as an expert, focus on the niche that you are intensely passionate about. You’re much more likely to get hired, stay excited by your work and attract like-minded people.

What creative niche are you most passionate about? Let me know in comments!


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