My First Craigslist Ad To Prompt Fanmail

I’m helping my sister’s wife sell her 27″ iMac. I thought I’d get a bit creative.

Check it out the Craigslist ad before it’s taken down.


Bam! It’s gone in under two days despite being more expensive than other listings (and not having tech specifications in the ad).

Here’s the text from Craigslist:

My wife’s sisters 27″ mid-2010 iMac is Amazing – $1170

27″ iMac from Mid-2010. New hard drive with warranty from Apple.

When I rolled out of bed this morning my wife asked me to post this Craigslist ad to sell her sister’s iMac. I’m usually busy running my photography business. . .so I thought I’d ask my assistant to take care of this. But then I remember I’ve never hired an assistant so here I am. Anywho, my sister-in-law’s husband recently got into 3D animation and built a new computer all by himself. It’s a PC (I know, I know) but you can still congratulate him on his new soldering skills if you come by and buy this Mac.

Her iMac has reset and is waiting for a new owner. She’s not a fan of illegal downloading so you know she hasn’t been collecting viruses while torrenting “The Interview.” Not that you need to worry much about viruses with Macs.

In case you’re wondering, my wife’s sister is NOT included with this computer.

Things that ARE included with this computer:

    1. a new 1 TB hard drive just installed by Apple. Hard drives are usually the first part to break down–so you can rest easy knowing yours is under warranty until Nov 2015 (score!)
    2. a mouse and large Apple keyboard with num pad (bought separately, valued at $55)
    3. a “SuperDrive” that lets you watch your favourite DVDs instead of using them as coasters
    4. a 27″ screen big enough to double as a 27″ tv
    5. a candy cane (I can’t confirm this will be available when you get here)
overall this is a beautiful machine in mint condition

My sister-in-law is 7 months pregnant–so if you can correctly guess the baby’s sex in your email we’ll knock $10 off the computer.

Yes, this is a real ad and we’d love to sell this computer this week. Don’t offer trades for your Lamborghini, we prefer CASH.

Feel free to email questions and ideally come buy the computer so my wife can be impressed with my Craigslist skills.


This Is The Business Lesson I Learned From My Sister’s Five-Year-Old iMac

First the ad brought on fan emails and was shared by friends and strangers. Then a popular Forbes and Huffington Post writer passed it on to her following. Besides making this a whole lot more fun, the quirky tone brought extra attention so more buyers saw the offer.

Here’s the takeaway that I discovered: when you sell anything (products, services, old computers), a little effort is more compelling than an impressive list of features.

Do This Now 

At the end of the day this is a ditty about achieving better results. In the comment section, tell me about a current project and how you plan to blow away your competition.

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  • Ami Sanyal

    This ad taught me that it’s alright to loosen up a bit in my writing if it’s more authentic/interesting. I’ve got a public speaking gig next week (about creativity and photography) and I’m looking forward to shaking things up a bit. Wish me luck!

  • Luke Kelly

    How’d it go?

    • Ami Sanyal

      The talk went well—although I wish I pushed the envelope a little bit more!