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Positive Vibes Wanted: My Sister Is Having A Home Birth In Costa Rica


My big sister Maliha is having her first baby right now!! I’m sure she’d love your positive vibes if you have any to spare =)

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Setting Up Shop In Shanghai – Our First Three Days in Photos

Chinese Propaganda Poster

My wife and I have spent the last 72 hours in Shanghai and have begun the process of setting up my Asian base of operations. Lot’s more to share—but not enough time (we’re apartment hunting)—so I thought I’d start by sharing a few images from our first days in the Middle Kingdom.

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It finally happened! After several busy years of shooting, I decided that the time was right to update—and after the main site design was done, I created this shiny new blog! Be sure to subscribe to receive updates on my favourite projects and behind-the-scenes details. You’ll also read about my life as a mid-twenties commercial/editorial photographer—as well as how I stay inspired in my craft and motivated with my business.

Whether you’re an AD, editor, photographer, proprietor or fan…

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