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How To Be An Innovator: A Blueprint For Developing Big Ideas and Minimizing Risk

Like many of my readers, I love entrepreneurship and bold ideas. Since my 20th birthday I’ve either founded or co-founded one new company every year—all of which I’m still involved with.

But I have lots to learn. Some days, my ideas feel dislocated from the problems I’m trying solve. Other times, my solutions are bold and exciting, but need large investments of time and money—difficult to justify on a raw idea.

My experience with Unreasonable at Sea helped me find a new way to tackle these problems….

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What Stella Artois Can Teach Us About Thriving In The Creative World

Stella Artois - Up There

Here’s a tradition that’s been all but replaced by photography and large format printing. This short documentary, commissioned by Stella Artois, shows the passion it takes to be a commercial mural painter today (jump to post to watch the video).

A Reminder From A Dying Breed Of Artists

The few painters in this trade still endure lengthy apprentice-master relationships before touching a brush. This is their passion and they commit to learning it thoroughly over many years.

This guild-like approach is rare in today’s world. The patience required of the apprentices is even more remarkable in our hyper-speed world. But the choice to keep a lasting respect for our work is available to all of us—we should take it.

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16 Tips For New Freelancers: A Cheat Sheet For Jumpstarting Success

Do More Graphic - Ami Sanyal Photography

The roller coaster of victories and defeats is something all freelance creatives are familiar with. I’m closing in on four years of freelance photography and, while I love my job and my lifestyle, my resolve has been tested since day one. This game takes grit—but succeeding at it takes more. Here are sixteen things that all new creative […]

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The Portfolio Mistake That Makes You Look Like An Amateur

Ami Sanyal Photography - Specialize Your Portfolio

KBS+ is looking for a photographer for an upcoming BMW campaign. The agency lands on two photographers’ websites, both have great images. Photographer A’s portfolio features photos of burlesque dancers, cars, pets and newborns. The web design and copy lacks direction. Photographer B’s portfolio features only automotive work. The web design and copy supports the images. […]

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Secrets Of Advertising Executives: Insider Advice From 12 Leading Directors

SenecaAsks June 19 Advertising Panel

Do you ever wish an ad veteran would sit down with you, answer your questions and spell out how to make a successful career in advertising?

Seneca College is granting your wish with a series of Google Hangouts for advertising up-and-comers. Each event gives you over an hour of free, live mentorship from leaders at TBWA, Proximity BBDO and more.

Join the conversation! Details after the jump.

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