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Never Forget A Location Again: How To Catalogue Photo Shoot Locations Effectively

Evernote For Photographers - Map Screenshot

Blogger David Hobby recently shared an insightful post on how to make a location catalog — a great practice for on-location photographers since having a database can free up a lot of time and energy when planning a shoot.

I thought I’d build on Mr. Hobby’s post by sharing how I use Evernote to do the job. (Note: I don’t work for Evernote or represent them in any way.) My personal research and testing leads me to believe that this is the most effective method available for any photographer with a GPS-enabled phone or tablet.

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How To Get Your Images Featured In Vogue – Ask The Editors

martin prihoda-gq hrithik

My friend Martin Prihoda has been a huge inspiration in my career as a photographer. He has spent the last three years conquering Bombay and has had work featured in GQ, Vogue and major advertising campaigns. His leap to Asia was a significant motivation for my recent move to Shanghai.

The image above is Martin’s first cover with GQ India. How can you get your work on the cover of a major magazine? Martin wants to help.

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9 Links On Successful Storytelling For Creative Entrepreneurs – Are You Doing It Right?

Stephen King on Successful Storytelling - Ami Sanyal

Good storytelling is as important for professional creatives as it is for novelists—that’s because humans interpret the world via stories. If we can tell stories that are carefully crafted and incredibly sharable, we help prospective clients relate to our work the way we want them to.

Today’s links cover:

  • Why creative entrepreneurs should tell stories,
  • Which plots to focus on to build a successful business,
  • The risks of being so open,
  • And an invaluable guide on how to regularly produce quality content.

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How to Use Evernote to Organize Inspiration (and Produce Better Creative Work)

Evernote for Photographers

I use Evernote for everything from brainstorming new ideas to storing manuals. But—as a creative—my favourite Evernote use is organizing inspirational media. Perks of an Evernote Inspiration Notebook Filing inspiration (as I find it) gives me a custom library to browse as I plan relevant projects. Adding text annotations to my notes makes specific items easy to find as my library […]

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