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What Ninjas Can Teach Us About Thriving As Creative Pros #NINJAvan

Formula For Success

I have a secret: I am a part-time ninja. Not the regular, sword-wielding kind—I’m an event ninja. I slip through shadows into exclusive conferences and sold out festivals.

Almost all of my big breaks as a photographer are tied to my event ninja knowhow. I pride myself on my ability to break my way into occasions I shouldn’t be at.

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Via Ad Teachings

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The Mad Ones

Mad to Live

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Thank you, all you mad ones.

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Kill Your Fear Of Starting In 3 Minutes

As much as I aim to spend my time making, starting, and trying new things—I often find myself stalled at the beginning of project. It is embarrassing for me to admit how often this happens.

My plan will be ready, but I’m scared to start because I’m scared to fail. Resistance grinds my resolve like brakes on railway tracks, sparks flying until I’ve lost momentum and I am stuck…

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What Stella Artois Can Teach Us About Thriving In The Creative World

Stella Artois - Up There

Here’s a tradition that’s been all but replaced by photography and large format printing. This short documentary, commissioned by Stella Artois, shows the passion it takes to be a commercial mural painter today (jump to post to watch the video).

A Reminder From A Dying Breed Of Artists

The few painters in this trade still endure lengthy apprentice-master relationships before touching a brush. This is their passion and they commit to learning it thoroughly over many years.

This guild-like approach is rare in today’s world. The patience required of the apprentices is even more remarkable in our hyper-speed world. But the choice to keep a lasting respect for our work is available to all of us—we should take it.

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