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How To Get Your Images Featured In Vogue – Ask The Editors

martin prihoda-gq hrithik

My friend Martin Prihoda has been a huge inspiration in my career as a photographer. He has spent the last three years conquering Bombay and has had work featured in GQ, Vogue and major advertising campaigns. His leap to Asia was a significant motivation for my recent move to Shanghai.

The image above is Martin’s first cover with GQ India. How can you get your work on the cover of a major magazine? Martin wants to help.

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Getty Images’ Big Advertising Mistake

Getty From Love to Bingo Screenshot

Almap BBDO recently released “From Love to Bingo”—an ad for Getty Images that is making a bit of a buzz. If you haven’t watched it, hit play and see if you can spot the major flaw in the ad.

Hint: it’s not the nutty storyline. Jump to the post to find out what it is.

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