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The Two Best Ads You’ll See Today

Louis Vuitton-Mohummad Ali Campaign

I’m not a big boxing fan, but I would have loved to witness Muhammad Ali in the ring during his prime. He is a champion of a rare breed—who went beyond excelling at his job as an athlete and owned the title of unconventional artist. Ogilvy France’s latest work (for Louis Vuitton, featuring Mos Def) breathes new life into Ali’s legendary pre-fight poems.

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Being A Leader And Surviving The End Of The World

The next century is now—are you one of the leaders?

Human beings are born followers. We arrive on this planet following our parents and elders. As we grow we follow teachers, coaches, bosses and trends. While that’s all fine, I wonder what would happen if we all focussed on being effective leaders?

What if everyone you knew agreed to

  • Choose one thing they are passionate about,
  • Then led a tribe of equally passionate followers towards a positive common goal (big or small)

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The Truth About Being A Professional Creative (In An Industry Of Obstacles)

Men's Health

Professional creatives all over the world work in industries that are allergic to innovative concepts. That’s why ads that could have been revolutionary, are often wastes of space. And covers that might have pushed boundaries, too often lack an ounce of originality

If you downloaded the iPad version of Newsweek’s Mad Men issue—you recognize the cover video embedded below. Photographer Art Streiber recently revealed the story behind the video. See what he had to say after the jump.

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Deconstructing Kony 2012: Three Lessons for Creative Superheroes

Kony 2012 - Nothing Is More Powerful Than An Idea

Being a creative professional is a lot like being a superhero. At least, that’s how I feel when I lie awake wondering how to apply my energy to make a positive impact on my world.

It’s people like Jason Russell and his colleagues at Invisible Children that show me how it’s done. Invisible Children’s latest project, Kony 2012, is a bold campaign and film that promotes the capture of war criminal Joseph Kony. With 3.7 million views on Vimeo in the past two days alone, I’d say the project is well on it’s way to meeting it’s goals.

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How to Use Evernote to Organize Inspiration (and Produce Better Creative Work)

Evernote for Photographers

I use Evernote for everything from brainstorming new ideas to storing manuals. But—as a creative—my favourite Evernote use is organizing inspirational media. Perks of an Evernote Inspiration Notebook Filing inspiration (as I find it) gives me a custom library to browse as I plan relevant projects. Adding text annotations to my notes makes specific items easy to find as my library […]

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