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Mark Seliger Interviews Martin Schoeller and Private Joker

Woman Breastfeeding -Martin Schoeller

I recently discovered Captureā€”a great online series in which Mark Seliger interviews iconic photographers and celebrity photo-buffs. If you are a photographer, you’re going to love it.

This episode reveals the creative process behind Martin Schoeller’s and Matthew Modine’s most memorable images. Discover details on the controversial breastfeeding cover for Time Magazine, camera tips from Stanley Kubrick and more.

I particularly like Schoeller’s story about scotch-taping Steve Carell’s head for an image (at 13:44).

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How To Get Your Images Featured In Vogue – Ask The Editors

martin prihoda-gq hrithik

My friend Martin Prihoda has been a huge inspiration in my career as a photographer. He has spent the last three years conquering Bombay and has had work featured in GQ, Vogue and major advertising campaigns. His leap to Asia was a significant motivation for my recent move to Shanghai.

The image above is Martin’s first cover with GQ India. How can you get your work on the cover of a major magazine? Martin wants to help.

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How To Build A Portfolio That Your Clients Will Love

David Ogilvy Quote

A simple method for building an outstanding portfolio is to collaborate with people who are better than you at what they do. Sure, working with those at your own level (or below) is easy, but it puts a ceiling on the quality of images you capture.

It can be intimidating collaborating with expert stylists, wizard-like assistants, and top models. Continue reading to see why you should.

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