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What Ninjas Can Teach Us About Thriving As Creative Pros #NINJAvan

Formula For Success

I have a secret: I am a part-time ninja. Not the regular, sword-wielding kind—I’m an event ninja. I slip through shadows into exclusive conferences and sold out festivals.

Almost all of my big breaks as a photographer are tied to my event ninja knowhow. I pride myself on my ability to break my way into occasions I shouldn’t be at.

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9 Links On Successful Storytelling For Creative Entrepreneurs – Are You Doing It Right?

Stephen King on Successful Storytelling - Ami Sanyal

Good storytelling is as important for professional creatives as it is for novelists—that’s because humans interpret the world via stories. If we can tell stories that are carefully crafted and incredibly sharable, we help prospective clients relate to our work the way we want them to.

Today’s links cover:

  • Why creative entrepreneurs should tell stories,
  • Which plots to focus on to build a successful business,
  • The risks of being so open,
  • And an invaluable guide on how to regularly produce quality content.

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