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Mac Essentials: Apps For Productivity, Photography, Free Long Distance & More


Choosing tools for your workflow is an essential part of running a productive business and breathing life into your ideas. Here are the Mac apps that I get the most mileage from as a frequently-flying commercial photographer, entrepreneur, blogger and language learner. 18 Essential Mac Applications Evernote  Easily the most useful piece of software on […]

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Never Forget A Location Again: How To Catalogue Photo Shoot Locations Effectively

Evernote For Photographers - Map Screenshot

Blogger David Hobby recently shared an insightful post on how to make a location catalog — a great practice for on-location photographers since having a database can free up a lot of time and energy when planning a shoot.

I thought I’d build on Mr. Hobby’s post by sharing how I use Evernote to do the job. (Note: I don’t work for Evernote or represent them in any way.) My personal research and testing leads me to believe that this is the most effective method available for any photographer with a GPS-enabled phone or tablet.

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How to Use Evernote to Organize Inspiration (and Produce Better Creative Work)

Evernote for Photographers

I use Evernote for everything from brainstorming new ideas to storing manuals. But—as a creative—my favourite Evernote use is organizing inspirational media. Perks of an Evernote Inspiration Notebook Filing inspiration (as I find it) gives me a custom library to browse as I plan relevant projects. Adding text annotations to my notes makes specific items easy to find as my library […]

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