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How To Be An Innovator: A Blueprint For Developing Big Ideas and Minimizing Risk

Like many of my readers, I love entrepreneurship and bold ideas. Since my 20th birthday I’ve either founded or co-founded one new company every year—all of which I’m still involved with.

But I have lots to learn. Some days, my ideas feel dislocated from the problems I’m trying solve. Other times, my solutions are bold and exciting, but need large investments of time and money—difficult to justify on a raw idea.

My experience with Unreasonable at Sea helped me find a new way to tackle these problems….

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Setting Up Shop In Shanghai – Our First Three Days in Photos

Chinese Propaganda Poster

My wife and I have spent the last 72 hours in Shanghai and have begun the process of setting up my Asian base of operations. Lot’s more to share—but not enough time (we’re apartment hunting)—so I thought I’d start by sharing a few images from our first days in the Middle Kingdom.

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